The Healthcare Committee – within the Dispute Resolution Section of the New York State Bar Association – focuses on negotiation, mediation and arbitration within the healthcare industry.

The Committee was created in late 2018 as a response to (i) the prevalence of the healthcare industry in New York State, including the large number of hospitals, other medical facilities and healthcare professionals; and (ii) the prevalence of mandatory mediation/arbitration requirements typically found within healthcare transactional documents (e.g., employment agreements, shareholder agreements, bylaws, admissions agreements, etc.).

The committee is designed to be a resource for the benefit of its members (advocates and neutrals) to assist in navigating complex and sometimes unintuitive regulatory schemes and other facets of the healthcare industry. Education initiatives will be designed to address applicable regulations, new developments and best practices in dispute resolution; and to work collaboratively with other Sections to address these issues in a healthcare context and under the vast regulatory scheme attendant to healthcare disputes.

Some plans under consideration by the Committee include: opportunities to publish articles on healthcare dispute resolution; continuing legal education programs; pragmatic programs regarding ADR techniques, hot issues in healthcare dispute resolution in New York; partnering with an educational institution to hold a symposium on healthcare with the hope of attracting attorneys, healthcare professionals and educators.

Andrew Garbarino and Joan Hogarth are the co-chairs of this committee.

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