The Human Rights Committee of the NYSBA International Section recognizes that members of the bar have a unique role in advocating on behalf of individual rights and promoting free and just societies throughout the world. It similarly recognizes that human rights are best protected by a strong rule of law in the context of democratic governance.

Accordingly, the Committee seeks to promote and protect human rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by (1) raising awareness about violations of human rights; (2) promoting the establishment of democratic governance and a strong rule of law; and (3) advocating for both the enactment and enforcement of laws in ways that protect human rights. As part of the International Section, the Committee will focus specifically on the promotion of human rights in the international context.

The Committee shall carry out its goals through (1) organizing educational programs; (2) advocating that governments and nongovernmental organizations take certain actions to promote and protect human rights; (3) connecting NYSBA members with projects that promote human rights, democracy, and the rule of law; and (4) other actions the Committee may deem beneficial to the promotion of human rights.

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