The Insurance Law Committee focuses on issues, at both the state and federal level, which impact the insurance industry.  Its work includes examinations of and presentations on regulatory, legislative, transactional and litigation topics which are relevant to participants in the insurance industry, including regulated insurance companies and producers as well as regulatory authorities. As appropriate, the Committee, from time to time, may choose to advocate positions with respect to such topics, including through the preparation and submission of comment letters and articles regarding.  Further, the Committee actively monitors both ongoing developments in insurance law and regulation as well as key trends in the insurance market itself which may concern participants in the insurance industry and regularly organizes informational sessions pertaining to such.  In addition, the Committee periodically provides updates on developing issues in related fields to insurance, such as cybersecurity and data privacy, including providing perspectives on how such developments can impact industry participants.  The Committee also seeks to generally foster constructive dialogue between participants in the insurance industry, particularly between regulated insurance entities and regulatory authorities.

The Committee’s members include in-house and outside counsel having a variety of disciplines, as well as attorneys serving in New York State and other government agencies.


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