The Legislative/Amicus Committee coordinates the review by the Intellectual Property Law Section of pending or existing legislation or court cases affecting Intellectual Property Law for New York practitioners brought to the attention of the Section. The Committee works with the appropriate law committees of the Section to review, analyze and then report to the Section’s Executive Committee as to recommendations for action or non-action. Depending on the action to be taken, the Section’s Executive Committee may recommend to the NYSBA Executive Committee that certain action be taken in the name of the NYSBA, such as the filing of amicus curiae briefs, or, where appropriate and permitted to do so, the Section’s Executive Committee may authorize the drafting of affirmative legislative proposals and/or provide commentary on bills or amendments to bills or legislation. The Legislative/Amicus Committee assists the appropriate Section law Committee in taking the action authorized by the Section’s Executive Committee and/or the NYSBA, such as the drafting of proposed legislation and briefs, and coordinating the Section’s efforts in connection therewith.

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Dr. Charles E. Miller, Esq.

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