The Committee is responsible for identifying and recommending the Women in Law Section’s legislative agenda to the Section’s EC for adoption. In addition to the activities cited in Section By-Laws Art. VI Section 3, the Committee members also will participate in the identification of new or existing New York State legislation relating to issues of interest to women, draft written evaluations and memo of support of proposed legislation as it may affect women, and present such reports to the Women in Law Section’s Executive Committee for adoption, and when requested by the WILS’ Chair or EC, to the NYSBA’s EC or House of Delegates for their consideration. Committee members should expect to participate in regular conference calls, to review potential legislation, to conduct research and make recommendations to the Section regarding the legislation, and to draft and edit memos supporting or opposing the legislation. Committee members may also be asked to participate in a meeting with the State Bar’s lobbyist, hold a program, or develop partnerships with other State Bar sections. The time commitment is estimated to be between 15-25 hours annually. The peak Committee activities occur between January and June 30.

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Kaelyn Gustafson & Robin Kramer

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