Description: The Medicaid Committee monitors changes in law, regulation and policy concerning Medicaid on a federal, state and local level, educates members on these changes, recommends positions for the Section to take on changes in law, regulation and policy, and takes action on these positions through administrative and legislative advocacy. During the annual NYS budget process, the Committee works closely with the Legislation Committee of the Section to develop a Section position on the budget and engage in legislative advocacy.

Co-Chairs: Sara L. Keating, Esq., Hoffman & Keating, 254 south Main Street, STE 200, New City, NY 10956, (845) 634-8169, [email protected] and
Naomi Levin, Esq., Grimaldi & Yeung LLP, 9201 Fourth Avenue, 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11209, (718) 23-6960, [email protected]

Meeting Times: We have annual, Summer and Fall meetings, plus phone conferences to be scheduled by phone in the Spring. We will seek to arrange a call-in for those not attending the Fall meeting.

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