Description: The Mental Health Committee focuses on mental health legal issues that arise in the context of the representation of the elderly and special needs population. Quite often, the clients that we serve may suffer from some form of mental illness, or have a loved one who does, and there are a myriad of issues that may need to be addressed in the scope of our representation. For example, how do we assist our clients in obtaining treatment or hospitalization for a loved one or themselves? What rights do our clients have to refuse treatment on their own behalf or for others? Is an Article 81 guardianship appropriate/effective for someone who has a mental illness? Do the Courts effectively address mental health issues in Article 81 proceedings? What housing options exist? How, if at all, do mental health care benefits differ from other health care benefits? What legislative initiatives will benefit this population? These are all topics that we have discussed and continue to explore.

Lisa K. Friedman, Esq.
Law Office Of Lisa K. Friedman
[email protected]

Nina Lowenstein, Esq.
Disability Law Center, Inc.
[email protected]

Vice Chair:
Moira Schneider Laidlaw, Esq.
Hollis Laidlaw & Simon, P.C.
[email protected]

Meeting Times: The Mental Health Committee meets over Zoom the first Monday of every month at 4:00 p.m.

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