The Multi-State Practice Committee focuses its efforts on a wide array of projects and issues relating to trusts and estates practice. Past projects have included a review of relevant law and recommended legislation regarding (I) revocation of non-probate transfers by divorce, (ii) anti-lapse of life insurance policies, retirement plans, and accounts with payable-on-death designations, and (iii) the slayer statute. In the near future, the Committee intends to concentrate more directly on issues relating to practice across State lines, such as the differences in practice among States, traps for the unwary New York lawyer dealing with an ancillary probate, forum shopping, and state requirements for important estate planning documents such as living wills and health care proxies.

Section Committee Chairs

Co-Chair- Katie Lynagh- [email protected]

Co-Chair- Brad Dillon- [email protected]

Vice Chair- Haley Bybee- [email protected]

Vice Chair- Lori Sullivan- [email protected]

Vice Chair- Jillian Brevorka- [email protected]

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