The Municipal Lawyer is a publication of NYSBA’s Local and State Government Law Section. First published more than 40 years ago, in 1978, the publication has a circulation of roughly 1,200. The Municipal Lawyer seeks to continue this legacy with your submission!

The Municipal Lawyer seeks submission of substantive articles, columns, updates, and other features regarding the varied issues and topics that are of interest to attorneys that represent local government entities (i.e., counties, cities, towns, villages, school boards) or State government, as well as attorneys that appear before municipal boards or State agencies.  Issues and topics that previously have been the subject of Municipal Lawyer articles include land use and zoning, ethics, environmental law, constitutional law, labor and employment law, competitive bidding, taxation and finance, governmental liability, administrative law, legislative powers and procedures and more.  Articles generally include extensive footnotes/endnotes citing salient authority.

You may submit articles for consideration and possible inclusion in the Municipal Lawyer to [email protected]. Articles should be submitted six weeks before any of the following publication deadlines: on or before the 1st of June, September, or December.

All submissions must include a cover letter giving permission to NYSBA for publication in the Municipal Lawyer. NYSBA will consider any email submission to [email protected] as your letter that grants NYSBA permission to publish the submission in the Municipal Lawyer. NYSBA will assume your submission is for the exclusive use of the Municipal Lawyer unless you advise to the contrary in your letter or email.  If an article has been printed elsewhere, please ensure that the Municipal Lawyer has the appropriate permission to reprint the article. For ease of publication, articles emailed to [email protected] preferably should be in Microsoft Word (.pdfs are not acceptable). A short author’s biography should also be included. Please spellcheck and grammar check submissions.

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