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Real: Committee on Continuing Legal Education

The CLE committee works with Bar Association staff to schedule and organize Real Property Section CLE presentations throughout the year. The CLE committee will pick topics of interest to real estate practitioners and will target an audience with varied levels of experience. The CLE committee will also work with the program chairs for each program and assist in locating interesting and knowledgeable speakers and choosing timely topics for the programs.

The CLE Committee also endeavors to promote and foster cooperative CLE efforts among the Real Property Law Section and its various committees, the State Bar Association, and the county bar associations to meet the needs of practicing attorneys and others, and thus encourage membership and participation in the Real Property Law Section and its committees.

Committee membership is open to members of the Real Property Law Section.

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Committee Roster

Ms. Shelby D. Green, Esq.


Mr. Lawrence J. Wolk, Esq.

Mr. Scott A. Sydelnik, Esq.


Davidson Fink LLP

Prof. Bradley Borden

Mr. George J. Razis, Esq.

Mr. Lance I. Levine, Esq.

Mr. Gerald Goldstein, Esq.

Mr. Joseph Deutsch, Esq.

Mr. John P. Stockli Jr., Esq.

Mr. Michael S. Brady

Mr. Philip Scott Brody, Esq.

Mr. Jerry S. Leibner, Esq.

Mr. George J. Walsh III, Esq.

Mr. Vincent O. Hanley, Esq.

Mr. Paul Neustadt, Esq.

Mr. Jack A. Shemtob, Esq.

Ms. Michele Ann Luzio, Esq.

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