The goals of the Committee are (i) to create a forum for the discussion of hot topics and current developments affecting both U.S. and foreign real estate; (ii) establish a network of world-wide real estate practitioners; (iii) develop an exchange among members with respect to areas of cross-border real estate transactions, including, structuring , financing, taxation and legal opinions; and (iv) explore the connections and overlaps between international real estate transactions and related practice areas.

To achieve these goals, the International Real Estate Transactions Committee will engage in the following activities: (i) hold meetings of its members; (ii) publish articles authored by committee members on topics of interest; (iii) arrange programs including web conferencing with the participation of Chapter Chairs and members who are overseas; (iv) create networking opportunities for its members; and (v) coordinate programs of mutual interest with other Committees and Sections of the New York State Bar Association, as well as other bar associations.

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