The Siting & Utility Regulation Committee’s mission is to establish a forum in which energy and regulatory attorneys can gather to discuss and become educated on new and significant developments regarding siting energy projects across New York State, and understand the impact of the Public Service Commission’s orders, proceedings, regulations, and other enforcement matters on utility companies and other key Committee members. This will include learning about New York’s policies that impact large-scale renewable energy and the siting process generally (such as New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and the Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act), with real-life case studies of current siting projects, the unanticipated roadblocks encountered during the review process, along with innovative solutions to reach project approval. In addition, the Committee will review regulatory updates with its members, and dive into the challenges that utility companies and other key members face based on legislative updates, orders and proceedings of the Public Service Commission, and other enforcement matters (which could include areas such as emergency response plans and responses to storms, utility ratemaking process, utility management audits, etc.). Networking opportunities for those energy attorneys in private practice, in-house utility lawyers, and government agencies will be key for this Committee to exchange knowledge and ideas as the energy and utility field is a rapidly changing area of law in the state.

Committee Co-Chairs

Ekin Senlet, Esq.
Jeffrey Greenblatt, Esq.

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