Social media and other online services are vital business, personal and expressive tools. The Committee on Social Media & New Communication Technologies helps lawyers and their clients maximize these technologies. Some of our projects and services include:

  • Maintaining a community of lawyers interested and skilled in tech tools and tech law and discussing emerging practice issues
  • Creating guidelines, reports, infographics, need-to-know updates and other media for New York, United States, and international lawyers
  • Promoting active membership, career-enhancing activities and innovation by and for all committee members
  • Developing and furthering the law, rules, knowledge, and practices related to the use of social media and collaborative tools in litigation such as the investigation of online and digital materials, claims and defenses implicated by online data, discoverability, costs and burdens of digital data, evidentiary issues and more
  • Educating Section members, and the broader legal community, about the risks and benefits of using social media as part of their law practices and their professional obligations in using social media, including ethical, disciplinary and malpractice issues
  • Using social media to promote NYSBA, the Section and the Committee
  • Organizing and sponsoring CLEs and non-CLE sessions like member Q&As
  • Monitoring legislative developments
  • Addressing appropriate corporate and organizational policies

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