Mission Statement
The Task Force on Artificial Intelligence will examine the legal, social, and ethical impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the legal profession. The Task Force will review AI-based software, generative AI technology, and other machine learning tools that may enhance the profession and that pose risks for individual attorneys dealing with new, unfamiliar technology, and courts concerned about the integrity of the judicial process.  Also, the Task Force will explore the positive and negative implications of AI use by the legal community and the general public, including effects on access to justice, legal regulations, and privacy preservation.  As it engages in its work, the Task Force will consult and ensure alignment of approaches, where appropriate, with other entities within the Association, including but not limited to the Committee on Technology and the Legal Profession, the Task Force on Emerging Digital Finance and Currency, the Working Group on Facial Recognition Technology and Access to Legal Representation, and relevant sections. Lastly, the Task Force will develop policies for bar association adoption and suggest legislation to govern effective and responsible AI use.

Articles and Press Releases

“New York State Bar Association Task Force To Address Emerging Policy Challenges Related to Artificial Intelligence” July 17, 2023 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-task-force-to-address-emerging-policy-challenges-related-to-artificial-intelligence/

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