Mission Statement
The Task Force on Combating Antisemitism and Anti-Asian Hate will study and make recommendations for the analysis and development of laws, policies, and best practices to enhance education on, and awareness of, anti-Semitic and anti-Asian violence and hate and to prosecute and deter hate crimes against these minority groups.


Report and Recommendations of the Task Force on Combating Antisemitism and Anti-Asian Hate
Approved by the House of Delegates on January 19, 2024

Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding Between the New York State Bar Association and the Israel Bar Association
Signed March 4, 2024

Articles and Press Releases
“New York State Bar Association Will Study Alarming Increase in Anti-Asian and Antisemitic Hate Crimes” July 10, 2023 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-will-study-alarming-increase-in-anti-asian-and-antisemitic-hate-crimes/

“Fighting Hate: Addressing a Wave of Antisemitism, Anti-Asian Hate” August 14, 2023 – https://nysba.org/fighting-hate-addressing-a-wave-of-antisemitism-anti-asian-hate/

“New York State Bar Association Strongly Condemns Abhorrent Attacks Against Israeli and Arab Citizens and the Sovereign State” October 9, 2023 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-strongly-condemns-abhorrent-attacks-against-israelis-arabs-and-the-sovereign-state/

“New York State Bar Association Decries Hate Speech Supporting Repugnant Attacks” October 11, 2023 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-decries-hate-speech-supporting-repugnant-attacks/

“New York State Bar Association’s Governing Body Condemns Terrorist Attacks Against Israel, Calls for Return of All Hostages” November 4, 2023 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-associations-governing-body-condemns-terrorist-attacks-against-israel-calls-for-return-of-all-hostages/

“New York State Bar Association President Decries Rise in Antisemitic Incidents, Thanks Governor for Combatting Hate Crimes” November 13, 2023 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-president-decries-rise-in-antisemitic-incidents-thanks-governor-for-combating-hate-crimes/

“Our Condemnation of Hate Must Be Loud and Clear” December 12, 2023 – https://nysba.org/our-condemnation-of-hate-must-be-loud-and-clear/

“Just Because We Are Jewish: The Disturbing and Historic Rise in Antisemitism and What We Can Do About It” December 12, 2023 – https://nysba.org/just-because-we-are-jewish-the-disturbing-and-historic-rise-in-antisemitism-and-what-we-can-do-about-it/

“How Asian Americans Fought Back Against Hate – and Won” December 13, 2023 – https://nysba.org/how-asian-americans-fought-back-against-hate-and-won/

“Fighting Antisemitism: The Duty of the Organized Bar” December 13, 2023 – https://nysba.org/fighting-antisemitism-the-duty-of-the-organized-bar/

“How a New York Law Can Help Stop Hate Speech on the Internet” December 13, 2023 – https://nysba.org/how-a-new-york-law-can-help-stop-hate-speech-on-the-internet/

“New York State Bar Association President Commends State Court System for Expanded Anti-Bias and Discrimination Training” December 21, 2023 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-president-commends-state-court-system-for-expanded-anti-bias-and-discrimination-training/

“New York State Bar Association Assists Israel Bar in Pro Bono Effort” December 26, 2023 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-assists-israel-bar-in-pro-bono-effort/

“New York State Bar Association Calls for More Offenses To Be Added to Hate Crime Statute in Face of Rising Antisemitic, Anti-Asian Hate” January 19, 2024 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-calls-for-more-offenses-to-be-added-to-hate-crime-statute-in-face-of-rising-antisemitic-anti-asian-hate/ 

“New York State Bar Association to Launch Anti-Bias Training With Free Program on Antisemitism” February 14, 2024 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-to-offer-antisemitism-training-in-response-to-rising-anti-jewish-sentiment/

“Confronting Antisemitism With Historical Knowledge” February 27, 2024 – https://nysba.org/confronting-antisemitism-with-historical-knowledge/

“New York State Bar Association Forges Deeper Ties With Israel Bar Association” March 11, 2024 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-forges-deeper-ties-with-israel-bar-association/

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