The mission of the Task Force is to comprehensively review issues of tort and contractual liability arising from the COVID-19 public health crisis, including force majeure clauses, and immunity from such liability, with an express focus on the impact of these issues on the practice of law in New York State.



  • Health & Hospital
    • Jennifer Schwartzott, Gerald Hathaway, Margaret Davino, John Dalli, John Martin
  • Tort Immunity
    • A. Craig Purcell, Kathleen Sweet, Manny Romero, Sharon Stern Gerstman, Linda Clark, Peg Lynch
  • Contracts
    • Jay Hack, Marguerite Massett, Stephen Brodsky, Louis DiLorenzo, Jean Gerbini
  • School and Municipal Issues
    • Jennifer Schwartzott, Jay Worona, Thomas Merrill, Javier Tapia, Neil M. Block, Sara Visingard

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