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The Task Force will examine the causes and effects of the homelessness crisis including, but not limited to, the ways in which that crisis is affected by the criminal justice and healthcare systems, with focus on legal and policy considerations in New York State. The Task Force will explore ways in which the federal, state, and local governments can take concrete steps to reduce the number of individuals experiencing homelessness and to improve the lives of individuals who continue to experience homelessness.

Articles and Press Releases

“Homelessness in New York: Keeping a Crisis From Becoming a Catastrophe” by Laura Brancato, August 17, 2023 – https://nysba.org/homelessness-in-new-york-keeping-a-crisis-from-becoming-a-catastrophe/

“New York State Bar Association Task Force Searches for Ways to Reduce Homelessness While Protecting Civil Liberties” June 21, 2023 – https://nysba.org/new-york-state-bar-association-task-force-searches-for-ways-to-reduce-homelessness-while-protecting-civil-liberties/


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