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The Task Force on Medical Aid in Dying shall review the legal, ethical, health and public health, and broader policy considerations concerning medical aid in dying, including legislative proposals in New York and issues that may be related to the design as well as implementation of any such proposals if enacted by the NYS Legislature. The focus of the Task Force review shall include available research evidence and public health data; risks and benefits; financing; potential inequities and disparities; and the impacts of any such proposal or law if enacted upon families and caregivers; providers and residential and correctional care facilities; professional and informal workforces; and structural vulnerability and social determinants of health across diverse communities. The Task Force may evaluate laws of other states, jurisdictions, and countries, including Canada, as may be relevant to the Task Force inquiry. Through a consultative process with its members and other sections, the Task Force will develop recommendations for submission to the NYSBA Executive Committee and House of Delegates.

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