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The Task Force on the Ethics of Local Public Sector Lawyering will evaluate the applicable rules of professional responsibility, standards of conduct, related commentaries, and advisory opinions governing attorneys who practice in the public sector at the local level and will study, review, and make legal and policy recommendations relating to the unique ethical issues facing such attorneys. The work of the Task Force – which will be grounded in the practitioner’s perspective – will include the development of standards of best practices, including guidance on recusal, disclosure, conflicts of interest, and other matters of special interest to attorneys who represent smaller municipalities, who work in law firms specializing in the representation of local municipalities, also including solo and small firm practice settings who represent local governmental entities and attorneys who are employed as attorneys representing municipalities. The activities of the Task Force will include outreach and collaboration with bar groups, municipal groups, and other organizations including, but not limited to, the Albany Law School Government Law Center. the New York State Judicial Institute on Professionalism in the Law, the New York State Bar Association Committee on Standards of Attorney Conduct, the New York State Bar Association Local and State Government Law Section, the New York State School Attorneys Association, the New York State County Attorneys Association, and coordination, as appropriate, with related work being conducted in conjunction with the Executive Branch of the State of New York.

Press Releases and Articles

“From Village to County to State: Task Force To Review the Ethics of Government Lawyering” (8/11/2022)— https://nysba.org/from-village-to-county-to-state-task-force-to-review-the-ethics-of-government-lawyering/

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