The Technology Committee was formed in October 2022 because disputes involving technology have become one of the largest – and fastest growing – categories of ADR proceedings.

Initially, the Committee will focus on the cyber and fintech areas because they are rapidly changing the ways in which we are conducting business and managing our daily lives. Cyber includes areas such as cybersecurity, the metaverse, IoT and connected devices, autonomous vehicles, robotics, AI and telephony. Fintech includes topics such as digital assets (including cryptocurrency, stablecoins, non-fungible tokens, and digital asset securities), blockchain, tokenization, deFi, crowdfunding, online investment platforms, alternative trading systems, robo-advice, AI, and gaming. The Committee may focus on additional technology areas as they develop or as its members suggest.

The Technology Committee will provide a forum to share “lessons learned” and to develop “best practices” for the use of ADR to resolve technology disputes and will present substantive programs for the benefit of neutrals and participants who are involved or would like to become involved in technology-related ADR proceedings.

Committee Co-Chairs

Paul Gupta and Deborah Reperowitz

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