The Committee on Title and Transfer (or, “T & T”) is the group within the Section charged with keeping the real property transfer process running smoothly. Whenever a real property fee, leasehold or encumbrance is sought to be created, perfected or insured, our committee promotes policies and practices that help maintain efficiency and responsiveness. If issues arise with recording practices, transfer taxes, insurance regulation, or title insurance products and protections, the T & T is the voice of the real property bar, making sure that our priorities, and those of our clients, are understood.

When New York City adopted ACRIS, the Committee was there to evaluate the system, consult with the county clerks, and explain the new system to the bar. When the New York State Insurance Department threatened to adopt regulations that would have prevented lawyers from acting as title agents, the Committee was there to negotiate with the Insurance Department and the New York State Land Title Association.

We strive to enhance the practice of real property law by supporting the adoption of reasonable and rational title and transfer standards, and by encouraging and educating our members in their proper application. Also, our committee interacts with government regulators and legislators, and with “related” industry groups, such as surveyor associations, County Clerks, and title insurance industry organizations, to maintain cooperation and to help address mutual concerns.

Committee membership is open to members of the Real Property Law Section.

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