Danielle Ponder: Attorney, Activist, Musician

By Danielle Ponder

Danielle Ponder: Attorney, Activist, Musician

David Miranda


Musician and former Monroe County (NY) Public Defender Danielle Ponder traces her career from law school to the public defender’s office to being on stage performing for a Black Lives Matters protest in her hometown of Rochester.

Ponder goes on to share the inspiration behind her songs Criminalized (3:49 – 4:00), Blow Out The Sun (8:32 – 9:19) and her multi-media show, ‘For The Love of Justice’ (16:05 – 16:20).

Buy Danielle Ponder’s Album ‘Blow Out The Sun’ – bit.ly/2MxF84D

Check out her upcoming shows – bit.ly/2KD3SWu

Miranda Warnings is hosted by David Miranda, 118th President of the New York State Bar Association.

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