During Coronavirus Pandemic, NYSBA Seeks to Align with Bar Associations on Every Continent Around the World

By Susan DeSantis

April 30, 2020

During Coronavirus Pandemic, NYSBA Seeks to Align with Bar Associations on Every Continent Around the World


By Susan DeSantis

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) has reached out to 109 bar associations on seven continents as a first step toward establishing official working relationships with those organizations that share mutual interests.

“The global pandemic of COVID-19 has upended the world. This imposes a special duty on our profession and provides an opportunity to perform an important public service,” said NYSBA President Henry M. Greenberg. “Our respective communities need the wisdom of lawyers, our expertise, our ability to see both sides of an issue, to find common ground, and bring people together.

“Thus, we are reaching out to major bar associations around the world,” continued Greenberg. “We want to explore ways in which we can work together, support one another, and forge an enduring relationship that will help us better serve our members, clients and communities.”

NYSBA is seeking the collaborations – officially called memorandums of understanding – to share resources, support and advance the rule of law. In turn, this will expand opportunities to increase membership for both associations, as approximately 26,000 attorneys admitted to the New York bar reside outside of the United States.

NYSBA reached out to 109 bar associations spanning 68 countries on seven continents including bar associations in China, Hungary, France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Iceland, Serbia, Turkey and the Middle East.

Earlier this year, at NYSBA’s Annual Meeting, the association pledged to launch a global membership initiative to collaborate with bar associations around the world. NYSBA then entered into historic memorandums of understanding with the Seoul Bar Association in Korea and the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association in Japan.

With each letter, NYSBA has included its new 40-page book, “The New York State Bar Association: A Legacy of Leadership,” which describes the association’s storied history and continuing commitment to do the public good.

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