Esteemed Panelists From Around the World to Gather For Symposium on Emerging Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

By Rebecca Melnitsky

October 2, 2023

Esteemed Panelists From Around the World to Gather For Symposium on Emerging Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence


By Rebecca Melnitsky

The emergence of decentralized digital technologies such as the metaverse, blockchain and cryptocurrency, along with artificial intelligence, is reshaping the practice of law, and the New York State Bar Association is examining the global implications of this phenomenon.

More than 40 legal and technology industry experts from around the globe will offer their analysis of the transformative impact of digital technology and AI at a two-day New York State Bar Association symposium Oct. 16-17, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., at NYU’s Kimmel Center for University Life.

Building on the success of the association’s award-winning tech symposium in April, this program will dive into regulatory and legislative issues involving Web3, the metaverse, and digital assets in New York, the nation and around the world.

“Web3 is changing both the field of law and the way lawyers practice,” said Richard Lewis, president of the New York State Bar Association. “Many of our members are already encountering issues related to emerging digital technologies. In keeping with our mission to educate and inform, the New York State Bar Association is continuing to support lawyers as they navigate the new digital landscape.”

The program, “Deep Dive Into the Metaverse and Web3: The Second Global Law Symposium & Tech Summit,” is being hosted by the Emerging Technologies Collaborative at New York University’s School of Professional Studies. Journalists are invited to attend in-person or virtually and should contact Rebecca Melnitsky at [email protected] to RSVP.

NYU’s Kimmel Center for University Life is located at 60 Washington Square South, New York City. Each evening of the symposium will be followed by an off-site reception. To register, click here.

Sessions will include Cybersecurity Needs and Concerns for Lawyers Engaging in Use of Web3 & Metaverse Technology, Entertainment Law in the Web3 & Metaverse World, and Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Who Are We Now?

Other scheduled panels include:

  • An Outlook on Criminal Activity and Representation in Web3: Money Laundering, DLTs, Fraud and More.
  • How Blockchain Technology & Digital Assets Impact Your Practice and Your Client’s Interests, Including Real Property, Trusts and Estates and Tax Implications.
  • How Cities Across the World Are Using the Metaverse: Improving Access to Justice & Resources.

New York’s Chief Administrative Judge Joseph A. Zayas will give welcoming remarks.

Prominent speakers include:

  • Jennifer V. Abelaj, principal at Jennifer V. Abelaj Law Firm, New York, NY.
  • Marc Beckman, founder, president of DMA United, New York, NY.
  • Andrew Bull, founding partner, Bull Blockchain Law, Philadelphia, PA.
  • David Brill, former deputy general counsel, Voyager Digital.
  • Michael Clare, head of digital assets and fintech operations at Liongate Bahamas Limited, Nassau, Bahamas.
  • Nancy Chanin, senior vice president, DMA United, New York, NY.
  • Tiffany N. Comprés, partner, FisherBroyles, Miami, FL & Paris, France.
  • Jason Chung, director & esports business professor at NYU; counsel, Zuber Lawler, New York, NY.
  • Carlo D’Angelo, criminal defense attorney at Carlo D’Angelo, Tyler, TX.
  • Jackie J. Drohan, partner at Drohan Lee, New York, NY.
  • Zeynep Ekinci, Kabine Law Office, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Jeremy Evans, president, California Lawyers Association, and founder of California Sports Lawyer, Los Angeles and Newport Beach, CA.
  • Matthew H. Feinberg, associate at Goldberg Segalla, White Plains, NY.
  • Matthew C. Fraser, chief technology officer, Office of Technology & Innovation, New York, NY.
  • Marc Gallardo, president, Technologies and Communication Law Section, Barcelona Bar Association, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Paul R. Gupta, partner, Rimon, New York, NY.
  • Elizabeth Haas, professor at the NYU School of Professional Studies/The Emerging Technologies Collaborative, New York, NY.
  • Justin M. Jacobson, president, Law Office of Justin M. Jacobson, New York, NY.
  • Angie Kamath, dean of Harvey J. Stedman School of Professional Studies, NYU, New York, NY.
  • Jeff D. Karas, Stability AI, New York, NY.
  • Mansi Karol, director of ADR Services, Commercial Division, American Arbitration Association, New York, NY.
  • Michael J. Kasdan, partner, Wiggin & Dana, New York NY.
  • Amanda Katzenstein, product, privacy and Web3 attorney, Salesforce, New York, NY.
  • Karl P. Kilb, co-founder and chairman, Crescite Innovation.
  • Neal H. Levin, partner, Freeborn & Peters, Chicago, IL.
  • Sherry Levin Wallach, immediate past president, New York State Bar Association.
  • Emily B. Lewis, associate, ArentFox Schiff, Washington, D.C.
  • Richard Lewis, president, New York State Bar Association.
  • Maria Londono, general counsel at Klym /co-founder Disrupt3rs Inc., Los Angeles, CA.
  • Jorge López-López, senior associate, Sanchez Devanny, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Christopher Lyon, partner, Goldberg Segalla, New York, NY.
  • Alessandra Carolina Rossi Martins, partner, Machado Meyer Advogados, Brazil.
  • Marissa J. Moran, professor at New York City College of Technology (CUNY), New York, NY.
  • Doug Pepe, partner, Cohen & Gresser, New York, NY.
  • Linda V. Priebe, CIPP/E, partner, Practus, Washington, D.C.
  • Nick Reece, co-founder and managing partner, Frontier Foundry Corporation.
  • Steven M. Richman, partner at Clark Hill, New York, NY.
  • Ella Rosenberg, regulatory consultant, AFIK & Co, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Eliseo Roques-Arroyo, managing partner, EDGE Legal, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Pablo E. Segarra, Segarra Consulting, Dominican Republic.
  • A. F. David Steiner, partner, Meister & Steiner, New York, NY.
  • Daniel Tramel Stabile, partner, Winston & Strawn, Miami, FL & New York, NY.
  • Massimo Sterpi, partner, Gianni & Origoni, Rome, Italy.
  • Rick Tapia, associate, Bull Blockchain Law, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Eliana A. Torres, associate, Nixon Peabody, Chicago, IL.
  • M. Darren Traub, senior vice president, head business and legal affairs at Crunchyroll (a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company), New York, NY.
  • Clyde Vanel, assemblyman representing the 33rd district, New York Assembly, Queens, NY.
  • Oren Warshavsky, partner, Baker Hostetler, New York, NY.

The symposium is being presented by the NYSBA Task Force on Emerging Digital Finance and Currency and the Committee on Technology and the Legal Profession in partnership with:

  • NYSBA International Section
  • NYSBA Task Force on Artificial Intelligence
  • NYSBA Committee on Law Practice Management
  • NYSBA Dispute Resolution Section
  • Bahamian Bar Association
  • Bar Council of England and Wales
  • Barcelona Bar Association
  • California Lawyers Association
  • Dominican Bar Association
  • Law Society of England and Wales
  • NYU School of Law
  • Paris Bar Association
  • UIA International Association of Lawyers
  • Ukrainian Bar Association
  • University of Florence

The event is being sponsored by:

  • Crescite
  • ArentFox Schiff
  • Bull Blockchain Law
  • DMA United
  • Drohan Lee
  • EDGE Legal
  • Jurat Blockchains
  • National Society for Legal Technology

A video recording will be available for purchase for those who are unable to attend.

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