Ethics Opinion 127

By Committee on Professional Ethics

Ethics Opinion 127

Professional Ethics Committee Opinion

Opinion #127 – 03/19/1970 (4-70)

Topic: Announcements: Format, Distribution, Multi-state admission
Digest: Format and proposed mailing of professional announcement proper
Code: Canon 2, DR 2-102 (A)(2),(D), Former Canon 33


A law firm inquires as to the propriety of the following announcement to be released by the firm:”The law firm of John Henry takes pleasure in announcing that Thomas Harry, a member of the New York and District of Columbia Bars has joined his firm as of November 1, 1969.”


It is the opinion of this Committee that the proposed announcement card is proper, as being in dignified form (DR 2-102) and may be mailed to the other members of the bar and to clients, former clients, friends and relatives (DR 2-102 (A(2); Drinker, “Legal Ethics”, p. 232-233). There is no objection to indicating the fact that the newly admitted member of the firm is also a member of the bar of another jurisdiction. (DR 2-102-(D); ABA 318 (1967) and 316 (1967); cf. former Canon 33.)

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