Ethics Opinion 170

By Committee on Professional Ethics

Ethics Opinion 170

Professional Ethics Committee Opinion

Opinion #170 – 11/06/1970 (51-70)

Topic: Advertising; Professional Card
Digest: May employee of Search organization identify self on professional card as attorney
Code: DR 2-102 (E), DR 2-102 (F)


May a full time employee of a professional search organization dealing primarily with the placement of lawyers use on his business card characteristics such as, attorney at law or esquire, identifying his legal training and qualification.


Provided the search organization employee does not engage in the practice of law to any extent whatsoever, it is not improper for him to use on his business card his earned degree or degrees or title derived therefrom indicating his training in the law. DR 2-102 (F). If he were to practice law to any extent, his business card could not identify himself as a lawyer. DR 2-102 (E).It is recommended that his card also indicate his position with the search organization so as to negate any possible interpretation that he is a practicing attorney or general counsel to his employer.

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