Ethics Opinion 285

By Committee on Professional Ethics

Ethics Opinion 285

Committee on Professional Ethics

Opinion #285 – 02/23/1973 (8-73)

Topic: Community Service Club Membership Workshop
Digest: Participation in community service club membership workshop is not improper
Code:  DR 2-101(B) EC 2-1


May an attorney member of a civic service club open his office to other members in connection with a membership workshop?


It is not improper for an attorney to participate in and open his office to a workshop of a community service organization such as the Rotary Club, provided the lawyer complies with the general guidelines set forth in N.Y. State 283 (1973).We see no reason why an attorney member should not share his professional experience in a general manner with other members in connection with a vocational workshop under the proper circumstances. An important function of the legal profession is to educate laymen to recognize their problems. EC 2-1.It is assumed that the participating attorney will open his office as a typical office and use discretion in discussing the work of lawyers in general terms. A burden is cast upon lawyers participating in the workshop to be particularly scrupulous in their avoidance of even the appearance of advertising or solicitation. DR 2-101(B).

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