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A View From The Other Side: What Is Your Hiring Manager Thinking?

A View From The Other Side: What Is Your Hiring Manager Thinking?

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Part of a successful job search is anticipating what your future employer is looking for when they are analyzing your candidacy.   A job match by definition requires a coming together of both the law firm’s needs and yours.

Did you ever wonder what the hiring managers are thinking when they look at a resume? How did they narrow down the choices and identify the few candidates that would move on to be interviewed? Did you ever wonder what a hiring manager is looking for when that interview happens?  And of course, did you ever wonder how the hiring manager ultimately decided on the candidate that was chosen for the job?

In this program, you will have opportunity to hear different perspectives from the inside view. Join us for a panel discussion that will explore how hiring managers in different environments vet and consider candidates.  Along the way, they will also each share useful advice for how to make it to and through the door to your dream job.

Start Date:
  • March 23, 2022
Start Time:
  • 12:00 PM
End Time:
  • 1:00 PM
  • Virtual Participation
  • Webinar
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  • LAW32322
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  • Young Lawyers Section