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Does Video Conferencing Work for You? (Webinar)

Does Video Conferencing Work for You? (Webinar)


Video conferencing is supposed to be the new normal equivalent of office meetings, team meetings, fun meetings and all the other collegial aspects of in-person in office work. But for many people participation in video conferences is a downer, leaving them feeling more alone and depressed than ever. This webinar will show you how to make video meetings more positive and successful for you and your colleagues.

You will learn:

  • How to include nonverbal communication elements online
  • How to create a professional, assured, confident appearance
  • How to lead productive meetings
  • How to be a valued participant
Start Date:
  • June 30, 2020
Start Time:
  • 10:00 AM
End Time:
  • 11:00 AM
  • Virtual Participation
  • Webinar
Product Code:
  • 0HW81
Non-Member Price: $100.00
Sponsoring Committee Group
  • Committee on Law Practice Management