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International Business Tools And Highlights: Italy And U.S.

International Business Tools And Highlights: Italy And U.S.

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International Business Tools and Highlights: Italy and U.S.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 | 11am – 2pm ET / 5pm – 7pm CET

Given the fact that the trade interchange between Italy and the United States continues to grow at a steady pace, much of the economic and trade relations can be considered a pillar in the relations between Rome and Washington (remains the first destination of Italian non-EU exports). After a brief introduction on the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation, the Protocol of Signature, the Additional Protocol and the Exchange of Notes concluded in Rome between Italy and the United States of America on February 2, 1948, and its evolution, the meeting will be aimed at giving a brief introduction to the area of comparative international law affected by trade and business relations between the United States and Italy. Specifically, the following topics will be addressed:

1. Operational and procedural directions for the Italian entrepreneur wishing to relocate to or have interests in a U.S. company with the attached procedures for remaining on U.S. territory as a manager/qualified worker (International Immigration Law – U.S. part).

2. U.S. entrepreneur/investor intending to establish/participate in Italian company, constitutive modalities and types, para-social pacts/NDAs (U.S./Italy Comparative

International Corporate Law).

3.Tax position of the U.S. investor/worker/entrepreneur in Italy, possible benefits and elements of attractiveness (Comparative International Tax Law U.S./Italy).

4. Roundtable discussion: The speakers are top-level professionals with proven international experience and important academic and association positions.

Note: This webinar will be entirely in English.


Opening Remarks

Avv. Antonino La Lumia, President, Milan Bar Association

Avv. Francesca Maria Zanasi, Vice President, Milan Bar Association


Avv. Omar Massimo Hegazi , International and White Collar Crime lawyer in Bergamo, Italy


Domenico Patruno, Gitti and Partners Law Firm, Milan, Italy 

Rodrigo Carè, Horizons & Co., Dubai
Daniele Bracchi, LL.M., Agnoli e Giuggioli Law Firm, Milan Italy
Diego Conte, De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani Law Firm, Milan, Italy
Federica dell'Orto, Federica dell’Orto Law Firm, New York, NY

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