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Vocal Dynamics for Lawyers: Using Your Voice for Impact and Influence

Vocal Dynamics for Lawyers: Using Your Voice for Impact and Influence

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    Vocal Idiosyncracies Can Undermine the Perception of Your Confidence and Your Ability to Influence Your Audience/Listeners.

That’s Why You Need To Learn to Eliminate Negative Vocal Behaviors Like:
        • Rising Intonation or “Uptalk Which Makes You Sound Sing- Songy and Not Credible
        • Unnecessary Filler Works, i.e: Like, Anyway, You Know, Um, etc. Which Make You Sound Hesitant and Insecure
        • Rushing, Which Makes You Seem Anxious and Unsure
        • Lagging and Monotonous Makes You Seem Lethargic, Tedious and Lacking Drive and Energy
        * Dropping the Ends of Phrases Which Makes You Appear Unprofessional, Unprepared and Lacking Authority

That's Why, in This 90 Minute Workshop, I Will Help You Overcome These Vocal Habits That Do Not Serve You With Key Exercises And Demos For:
         • Pitch
         • Pacing
         • Pausing
         • Presence
    …So That You Will Gain and Maintain Your Audiences’ Attention for Maximum Impact and Influence By Actively Changing What We Are Doing. 

“Coaching nirvana because it can be applied to everything, ultimately being more productive, happy and confident.”

Brian McFarland, Pres., Revenue Generator, McFarland Sales Group

“You gave name two exercises my first time coaching that made sense out of ten years of speech training.”

Erick Gonzales, Actor

“So grateful for this process of taking micro movements toward self expression and self mastery…[to] find confidence and joy in my voice.”

Chivonnie Gius, Actress

“You know what makes Linda so magical? Why I’d trust her completely? She’s effortless. She makes it look and sound so easy.”

Melanie Tapson, BFA, Bed, MSc, CCC-SLP Reg CASLPO

Voice Specialist, Voice Therapist

Pan American Vocolgy Assoc.

Canada & Eastern Hemisphere

Regional Governor

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Start Date:
  • October 25, 2021
Start Time:
  • 12:00 PM
End Time:
  • 1:30 PM
  • Virtual Participation
  • Webinar
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  • 0LL41
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