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Women In Law Section’s Virtual Book Club Meeting: Fake Out

Women In Law Section’s Virtual Book Club Meeting: Fake Out

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Please join NYSBA’s Women in Law Section for a virtual book club meeting featuring Felicia Farber and her new novel FAKE OUT, a stand-alone sequel to the multi-award-winning YA novel ICE QUEEN. FAKE OUT explores the tremendous harm that can befall victims of weaponized deepfakes and synthetic media, potentially damaging their reputations, relationships, and careers.

In our present-day world, we are facing an unprecedented crisis of fake news, misinformation, and disinformation. One of the biggest threats to our society is that seeing and hearing is no longer believing. The use of AI and machine learning to manipulate videos called deepfakes has made it difficult if not impossible to discern what video footage is real. Even scarier, cutting-edge tools that can alter photos and videos—two of our most powerful mediums of communication—are now accessible to the average person. Generative AI and synthetic media are catapulting our society into a scary new realm where deepfakes can be used as tools for the ultimate cyberbullying. FAKE OUT is an eye-opening, cautionary tale of the potential impact and devastating consequences the latest technological advancements can have on teens, tweens and people of all ages.

Released in May 2024, FAKE OUT has already been declared the winner of the 2024 Beach Book Festival Award in the YA category!

Additional reviews include similar praise:

              “A smart, sexy warning about the dangers of technology for teens and adults alike” – KIRKUS

“Fake Out deserves accolades for advocating digital literacy while examining the often-muddy ethical dimensions of AI technology” -BOOKLIFE

"Fake Out is the type of book you read when you need an exciting, immersing escape into a fictional world. Its enthralling plot had me engaged and eagerly turning the pages from start to finish. I strongly recommend this book and its feisty characters, high stakes, and attractively turbulent romance" -MANHATTAN BOOK REVIEW, 5 STARS

"Fake Out is an engaging and fast-paced novel highlighting the dangers to teens of social media and manipulated images" -BLUEINK REVIEW

"Aside from its entertaining aspects, Fake Out serves as a cautionary tale about the potential dangers of the social media/deepfake combination, offering important social commentary on teenagers’ online lives and the gulf between reality and what can be faked via technology. When viewed alongside the teen drama and the mystery plot, it all makes for a compelling read" -SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW

Felicia Farber is an author and attorney in New Jersey who writes contemporary young adult novels about the impact of technology on today’s teens. With a unique background in electrical/computer engineering and law, she loves to highlight the social, emotional, and legal challenges the latest technological advancements have on our younger generations. Her debut novel ICE QUEEN, a cautionary tale about sexting, cyberbullying and dating in the digital age, has won 11 awards including First Place in YA fiction. Felicia regularly presents to schools, libraries, book clubs, and legal organizations, and enjoys sharing her expertise on blogs and podcasts.

To learn more about Felicia and her novel, check out her website including the site’s media page. FAKE OUT is available to order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in local book stores.

If you haven’t had the chance to read ICE QUEEN yet it’s available on Amazon for the next week only at the special rate of 99 cents. ICE QUEEN was an Amazon bestseller in three categories.

Start Date:
  • July 30, 2024
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  • 6:00 PM
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  • 7:00 PM
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