Former NY Attorney General Robert Abrams Discusses His Career and Legacy and How We Move Forward | Miranda Warnings

By Brendan Kennedy

David Miranda

On this week’s episode of Miranda Warnings, Former NY Attorney General Robert Abrams joins to discuss his career and his legacy and how we move forward. Abrams shares many stories from his time as Attorney General, Bronx Borough President, and candidate for United States Senate, all of which are included in his new memoir, The Luckiest Guy in the World: My Journey in Politics.

Abrams who served as attorney general from 1979-1993, talks about how he viewed his position as a way to do important work for the people of New York as well as talking about his legacy and who he sees as the person in New York politics that continues to carry on his legacy.

He shares more stories from his memoir, including how kept the New York Yankees from moving to New Jersey by convincing former NYC Mayor John Lindsey to include $24 million in the budget to repair Yankee Stadium and what prompted him to run for elected office for the first time in the late 1960s.

Miranda Warnings will be back with more episodes in June 2021.

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