From Cookies to Cloud Storage: The Tech Knowledge You Need to Enhance Your Business

By Jennifer Andrus

November 4, 2022

From Cookies to Cloud Storage: The Tech Knowledge You Need to Enhance Your Business


By Jennifer Andrus

The November “Bridging the Gap” CLE programs are tailored to meet the needs of both new lawyers and the seasoned professional. The leaders of the Committee on Technology and the Legal Profession crafted a program to help lawyers at every stage of their career.

“If you are practicing now or in the near future, the use of technology is essential,” says co-chair Ron Hedges. “We want the program to give solo practitioners and those in small firms an awareness of the topics out there in the tech world and the tools to use them.”

The two-day, 16 credit program on November 16-17 will cover several topics that will help lawyers understand the technology and how to use it. Committee co-chair Alex Paykin says the class will be user-friendly and is not meant to be overwhelming. “I’m not looking to scare anybody,” he says.

Hedges agrees saying that lawyers who are not comfortable with tech are not alone. “It may not be easy, but to be effective you need to be educated on these topics,” he said.

Bridging the Gap Topics Include:

Law Practice Management Systems
Computers, Laptops & Tablets
Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat
QuickBooks & other bookkeeping programs
Cookies: risk, reward, configuration
Remote Deposits
Cloud Storage: access to data, search function, confidentiality

The Tools for Success

Paykin says the CLE will address lawyer specific technology to use in practice management that can be delivered within days. From dictation microphones to digital postage and high speed scanners, this program will help lawyers optimize their time, increase efficiency and even replace an administrative assistant.

“Technology is an extra unpaid employee that can take care of a whole bunch of stuff that would otherwise either eat into the solo’s time and ability to practice law. It allows me to be completely untethered from any physical office. I have at least 85 clients, who I’ve never met in person. I’m able to run my entire practice through all sorts of cloud-based tools.”

Paykin says he the simple act of fixing a broken screen at a convention cell phone repair shop may put client data at risk. The program will address attorney-specific concerns dealing with the collection and storage of data/

The More You Know

Once students learn the different programs and devices, Hedges says the program will help lawyers use that knowledge to interact with tech vendors.

“We want this to help you better understand the systems, figure out your specific needs and ask the right questions to vendors when looking to secure new technology for your practice. “

The end result, according to Paykin, is increased efficiency. “If you use these tools, you will run a better practice, you will have more free time you will have happier clients, you will achieve more with fewer resources.” 

The CLE program is virtual November 16-17. Register here.

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