The Library of Congress’ Thomas Locator Service Enables one to search congress for text of bills, also can find information on legislation, congressional records, and committee Info. A major part of site is an index for state and local government information.

FDIC Provides information in categories of deposit Insurance, bank data, regulations and examinations, consumers and communities, buying from and selling to FDIC, news and events and numerous other current topics of interest in banking field.

Banking Law Materials Contains a quick overview of banking law, along with a menu of sources pertaining to this field of law. This menu is broken down into categories of federal and state agency regulation, judicial decisions, and statutes. Great site for statutory information in banking law.

Federal Trade Commissions Guide to the FTC Franchise Rule Federal Trade Commission provides extensive information on the FTC franchise rule including rule overview, requirements, disclosure options, business relationships covered, potential liability and legal resources.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Comprehensive look at the Patent and Trademark Office. This site contains general information on both subjects, a searchable database, forms, capability of ordering copies, current news, fee information and links.

US Copyright Office US Copyright Office provides this site for current developments and news, general information, forms, regulations, practices, legislation, international information and links in the copyright field. Also contains a search engine, which makes finding what you need easier.

Federal Register Official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, notices of federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential doctrines.

New York Department of Health Regulations This site provides full text search of NYS health rules and regulations, along with public notices and other miscellaneous items.

Citizens’ Access to State Government Important site, containing a list of WebPages for official agencies of federal and NY state and local government.

New York State Department of Health This site is divided into the following categories: a letter from the Commissioner page; NYS vital Records; information for consumers; physicians; and other health care providers.

New York State Office of Mental Health Provides information about OMH, its initiatives, projects, publications, statistical information and also links and information for service providers.

Thomas Contains information on what is on US House floor and US Senate schedule on weekly basis. Other useful information is provided on recent and historical legislation, congressional records and committee information.

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates Has an internet, voice, and fax network setup to help people obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate and other vital records nationwide.

Columbia University Libraries Document Service Center US government documents Ready Reference Collection on subjects of census, environment, military and justice, foreign countries, mineral and mining, agriculture, education, government and law, science and engineering, business economics, energy, health and social services and transportation.

Food and Drug Administration Almanac US government site for the Food and Drug Administration; includes agency history, regulations, and enforcement and committee reports.

Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Provides records, opinions, policy statements, and a comprehensive guide to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.

Government Printing Office Web site of the US Government Printing Office, listing all government publications and order forms.

Government Resources on the Net Has a search engine for finding government resources. Also contains a list of executive, legislative, judicial, state, local and international resources.

Hieros Gamos Large internet site for law and government materials with more than 200,000 listings and 100,000 links in all countries.

Social Security Administration Online The official page of the Social Security Administration.

NYS Government Information Locator Service

New York State’s “County Web” New York State’s “County Web” is maintained by the New York State Local Government Telecommunications Initiative. Its purpose is to provide an easy geographical navigational tool for finding information, resources and services offered by local government entities in New York State. This site should allow you to find information centers throughout New York State.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Provides consumer price indices frequently used in calculating cost of living adjustments; unemployment and compensation data.