Hermes Fernandez | Understanding The Coronavirus & The Imminent Impact It Will Have In New York | Miranda Warnings

By Brendan Kennedy



Hermes Fernandez, chair of the NYSBA Health Law Section joins David to talk about issues surrounding the coronavirus, how public health authorities have responded to the pandemic and what powers they have to curb the spreading of the virus.

Fernandez who is a health law partner at the firm Bond, Schoeneck & King in Albany, talks about the testing process in New York; who can get tested, who can administer tests. He also discusses the differences and similarities between the coronavirus and the common cold and flu.

They also talk about the differences between isolation, social distancing, and quarantine and what powers public health officials have to enforce those tactics.

Finally, they close out the episode by discussing the impact the closing of courts, law firms, schools, and businesses can have and what the next few weeks will look like, as more people are able to get tested.

Miranda Warnings is hosted by NYSBA’s 118th President David Miranda.


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