How Your Law Firm Benefits from QR Code Payments

By LawPay

August 2, 2021

How Your Law Firm Benefits from QR Code Payments


By LawPay

To support the healthiest, most reliable cash flow, your law firm’s billing and payments process must include three technologies.

The first is an online payment solution, so you can easily and securely accept credit and eCheck payments from clients. The second is a mobile payment app and Bluetooth reader/swiper so you can manage payments on the go. And the third is a QR code connected to a custom, secure payment page.

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read by the camera on your clients’ mobile devices. When your client scans the QR code, their phone automatically prompts them to perform an action—in this case, opening a secure page to complete payment.

In addition to driving revenue, QR codes can offer your firm some major advantages. Here are five reasons you need to let clients pay with QR codes.

Faster, Easier Payments

The primary benefit of giving clients the option to pay with QR codes is that it makes it easier for them to submit payment, which means you get paid faster.

You can display your QR code at reception and/or at your desk so that when an in-person meeting ends, the client can scan the QR code and pay before they even leave the office.

For clients who prefer to receive physical invoices, you can include a QR code on the printed bill, allowing them to pay electronically without having to type out a URL to a payment page. Automatically including QR codes can also encourage clients who are still paying by check to make the switch to electronic payments.

Upgraded Payment Experience

According to a Mastercard global study, almost 80% of consumers report using contactless payments, citing safety, cleanliness, and convenience as the primary drivers of their decision.

And software provider Blue Bite found that the number of QR interactions nearly doubled between 2018 and 2020.

In short, not only does allowing clients to pay with QR codes help you get paid faster, it also enables you to accommodate the preferences of your clients and offer a more modern, client-focused payment experience.

Safe, Socially Distant, and Eco-Friendly Payments

Among the biggest benefits of giving clients the ability to pay with QR codes is that it allows you to process in-person payments at a safe distance.

Because the client handles the transaction entirely on their phone, they don’t have to physically hand you anything and you can maintain the CDC-recommended six feet apart while indoors.

In addition, premium online payment solutions give you the option to send emailed receipts, which means using QR codes to accept payments further contributes to reduced paper waste and helps support a paper-light or paperless office.

Increased Security and PCI Compliance

Along with being physically safer, accepting payments via QR codes is also more secure than traditional payment methods like cash or paper checks.

When your client scans a LawPay QR code, they are sent to your custom, mobile-optimized payment page that is hosted on our secure server. The client then enters their own payment details, which are automatically encrypted, sent directly to our system, and never stored locally.

And since neither you nor any member of your staff handles the client’s payment information, it reduces security risks and minimizes your PCI (Payment Card Industry) liability.

Commitment to Your Clients

Incorporating QR code payments into your available payment methods is easy, and it can truly have a big impact on your acquisition and retention efforts.

This is because all of these benefits (e.g., expanded payment methods, more convenient experience, increased safety and sustainability, and enhanced security) also demonstrate your commitment to making the billing and payments process as simple, flexible, and secure as possible for your clients.

When you prove to your clients that you value their time, they’ll reward you not only with their loyalty but also referrals.


The next evolution in legal payment processing is here! Don’t miss out on all the advantages QR codes can offer your firm. To learn more about LawPay’s QR code payment feature and our full suite of innovative payment tools, visit

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