Latin American Council


Welcome to the International Section’s Latin American Council Homepage!

To promote, advance and support values and principles of ethics, integrity and the rule of law, throughout Latin American and the Caribbean, with emphasis on public and corporate responsibility, best practices, and any other matters that the Council may decide from time to time related to the purpose set out herein, as approved by the NYSBA International Section Executive Committee.

Values and Principles:

a. Education and training of the legal community (lawyers, students, judges, public officers and others) in Latin America and the Caribbean on transparency in the practice of the legal profession, following best practices and public and corporate responsibility;
b. Implementation of strategies to strengthen the rule of law by instilling best practices among law professionals, through bar associations or similar organizations, law firms and other entities that have or share the Latin American Council’s objectives;
c. Promotion of legal reforms and public policies in the Latin American region to support public and corporate responsibility and the rule of law;
d. Establishment of alliances with international entities which main goals are consistent with those of the Latin American Council in order to provide joint support to common objectives;
e. Cooperation with international organizations in the issuance of indexes on best practices to raise awareness of topics of interest to the Latin American Council; and
f. Obtain financial support for regional projects of the Latin American Council in furtherance of its objectives

The Latin American Council shall have an open membership, not limited to any region or nationality; provided that any individual interested in joining the Latin American Council will have to fulfill the following minimum requirements:
a. to be a lawyer duly authorized to practice law in any jurisdiction, of good reputation and in good standing;
b. To have an interest in the Latin American region; and
c. Pay the membership fees that the NYSBA International Section requires to participate and be a member of the Latin American Council.

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