Kids Off the Grid: ‘Sovereign Citizen Parenting’ and Its Legal Impact on Children

By Erin Welsh

September 21, 2023

Kids Off the Grid: ‘Sovereign Citizen Parenting’ and Its Legal Impact on Children


By Erin Welsh

In 2015, 19-year-old Alecia Faith Pennington gained viral internet fame as “The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist.”[1] Alecia was home-birthed and raised in Texas. Her parents never secured her a birth certificate or Social Security number, never enrolled her in school and never took her to a hospital.[2] Without these vital records, Alecia could not get a job, go to college, buy an airline ticket or obtain a driver’s license.[3] Due to her parents’ decision not to report their children’s births, Alecia (and her siblings) had no legal identity.[4]

The United Nations considers birth registration a fundamental right.[5] Though most unregistered births occur in developing countries with limited civil infrastructure,[6] there is a small movement of parents in places like the United States who choose to have unassisted and unregistered home births.[7] This parenting style appears to overlap with anti-medical intervention and anti-vaccine ideologies,[8] homeschooling[9] and the “sovereign citizens movement.”[10] The Southern Poverty Law Center has described the sovereign citizens movement as a group of anti-government conspiracy theorists who consider themselves exempt from United States law.[11]

Parents’ Approaches To Evading Birth Registration

Though it is difficult to generate data about a group of people who deliberately avoid being counted, social media spaces populated by “sovereign” parents suggest these individuals are racially and economically diverse.[12] The topics and views posted by those who identify as sovereign parents weave together a common thread of extreme distrust of Western medicine,[13] the government[14] and state apparatuses like public education[15] and child protection agencies.[16] Because doctors and licensed nurse-midwives are obligated to register live births with the state,[17] many sovereign parents opt for unattended or unassisted home births, which they sometimes refer to as “free births.”[18]

For groups historically persecuted or disenfranchised by the state, the desire to keep children outside the government’s reach could be grounded in intergenerational trauma.[19] The United States government has a documented past of separating Black, Indigenous, Japanese, Latinx and immigrant and refugee families.[20] Furthermore, as legal norms increasingly affect pregnant women’s autonomy, privacy and liberty,[21] pregnant women may fear that involvement with the medical system and the state could subject them to civil and criminal penalties.[22] According to the Marshall Project, dozens of women have been prosecuted for miscarriages or stillbirths related to drug use – a number expected to rise after the Dobbs decision.[23]

Still, the primary motivations behind purposefully avoiding birth registration appear to be rooted in ideas of “individual choice,”[24] and conspiracy theories that birth and Social Security documents lead to government ownership of individuals.[25]

Legal Implications for Children

Children whose parents willfully avoid birth registration often fall into a legal limbo similar to that which impacts stateless and undocumented individuals.[26] They may be unable to work, travel, vote, apply for loans and obtain welfare services like food stamps and health care.[27] Even if they are not at risk of deportation, people without birth records might struggle to prove their citizenship.[28] They could also face challenges associated with a lack of legal parentage, like receiving child support or inheriting property.[29]

Raising children “off the grid” can prevent them from exercising their rights to health care and education and from securing their personal safety.[30] Some sovereign parents avoid seeking medical treatment for their children because they believe holistic methods are more effective[31] or because they fear practitioners will be mandated to report their families to Child Protective Services.[32] Home-schooling is popular with sovereign parents,[33] but some home-schooled children do not receive even a basic minimum education.[34] Furthermore, severe cases of abuse affecting school-age children often involve home-schooling.[35] Children whose existence is unknown to the state are especially vulnerable to trafficking, violence and abuse.[36]

Legal Implications for Parents

While parents in the United States generally have wide latitude in how they choose to birth and raise their children,[37] some states have instituted penalties for neglecting to register a live birth.[38] In response to Alecia Faith Pennington’s struggle to obtain her birth record, Texas amended its health and safety code to make a parent’s interference with his or her child’s pursuit of delayed birth registration a Class A misdemeanor.[39]

The serious neglect that can stem from sovereign parenting may result in more severe penalties. Parents have been convicted of homicide crimes for failing to seek treatment for their gravely ill children.[40] In New York, parents may be found to have committed neglect for failing to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care for their children despite financially being able to do.[41] However, neither the New York Family Court Act nor the Public Health Law provides for a finding of neglect based solely upon a parent’s refusal to register their children’s births. Moreover, because these parents often deliberately avoid interacting with state authorities, they can be difficult for law enforcement and other agencies to pursue.[42]

Potential Legal Solutions

Jurisdictions wishing to limit sovereign parenting as a matter of public policy could pass legislation or amend their current child protection laws to include caretakers’ refusal to secure birth registration and legal personhood documents as a basis for neglect. State agencies could also be more aggressive in filing petitions based on educational neglect in circumstances where sovereign parents refuse to enroll their children in school or submit the required documents to teach them at home.[43] In New York, parents have been found responsible for educational neglect for removing their children from school and failing to provide them adequate home instruction.[44]

For the children of sovereign parents currently trapped in legal limbo, states could relax laws that require certain vital records to obtain legal documents. For example, children between 12 and 18 years of age seeking to obtain delayed birth registration in New York must provide several documents to prove their identities, including at least two written records (which may not be an affidavit) made at least five years prior to the date of application that shows one’s name, place of birth, date of birth and parents’ names.[45] Children raised “off the grid” may not have any such records or parents willing to furnish them.[46]

Legislatures may fear, however, that loosening the evidentiary requirements for obtaining delayed birth registration could widen opportunities for identity fraud. As the country’s management of undocumented migrants and their children is politically contentious,[47] lawmakers may be reluctant to create a pathway by which people whose citizenship status is unclear or contested could more easily obtain legal documents.

Conclusion: Children’s Right to Legal Personhood

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (which the United States ratified in 1992)[48] and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (which the United States has not ratified)[49] both recognize birth registration as a fundamental right.[50] Registration is so integral to meaningful participation in society that Target 16.9 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development concerns “legal identity for all.”[51] Without a legal identity, children may be excluded from education, health and social services.[52]

While these parents might want to avoid any state surveillance or control, doing so necessarily entails denying children their right to education, health care and political and social engagement, as well as many of the privileges that come with being a documented United States citizen. Perhaps sovereign parents believe they are allowing their children the “choice” to interact with the government on their terms.[53] In reality, these parents have precluded their children from making many of the choices one might take for granted: the choice to participate fully in society as a legal person.

Erin Welsh is a third-year law student at the University at Buffalo School of Law, where she is a James Kent Scholar and a member of The Buffalo Law Review. This article appeared in Family Law Review, a publication of the Family Law Section. For more information, please see NYSBA.ORG/FAMILY.

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