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By Brendan Kennedy

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Stephen Younger and Hon. Albert Rosenblatt joins the show to talk about the Historical Society of the New York Courts and the recent webinar Lessons Learned From the 1918 Pandemic: Historical and Legal Framework of the Spanish Flu and How It Relates to Today’s Crisis.

First, they discuss how the Historical Society of the New York Courts was founded by former Chief Judge Judith Kaye in 2002. Judge Rosenblatt, who was sitting on the Court of Appeals at the time, recalls how from a small notebook with names of former Court of Appeals judges sprang the Historical Society of the New York Courts.

The conversation then turns to a discussion about the May 11 webinar and what lessons society has learned from the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic as well as some similarities and differences in how federal and state governments handled the response. They also discuss some of the legal cases stemming from the 1918 pandemic, including several from the Midwest having to do with school teachers and bus drivers not getting paid during the pandemic.

As always the episode closes with Sarah and Michael letting their guests test their trivia knowledge. This week’s topics are former NYSBA Presidents and Sherlock Holmes!

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