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Day 1 – Friday, October 25

SAPA and Fair Hearings: NYSDEC Permitting and Enforcement Hearings
This presentation will provide an overview of the NYS DEC’s adjudicatory hearing procedures, which are critical to practitioners representing clients during the permit application process and enforcement actions. While each State agency’s regulations differ in key respects, many of the principles governing a fair hearing under the State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA) that are the foundation of NYS DEC’s procedures apply broadly to practice before the State’s various administrative tribunals.
Speaker: Hon. James T. McClymonds, Chief Administrative Law Judge, NYS DEC

SEQRA Basics and Recent Amendments to the SEQRA
The presentation will provide an overview of the State Environmental Quality Review Act with a focus on the 2018 amendments to the regulations that implement that law.
Speaker: Lawrence H. Weintraub, Esq., NYS DEC
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Coming on Board:  How to Advise New Municipal Officials
This presentation will provide guidance for all attorneys for municipal government about the most important components of municipal law and practice that need to be communicated to newly appointed  or elected official clients.
Speaker: Wade Beltramo, Esq., General Counsel, New York Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials

2019 Election Law Update
There have been many new developments in New York State’s election laws in 2019, including a new early voting system and consolidation of primary dates. This presentation will provide an overview of the changes, and of reforms that may be enacted in the upcoming years.
Speakers: Kwame Akosah, Esq., Office of the New York City Corp. Counsel; Myrna Perez, Esq. (or designee), Brennan Center for Justice

Alcoholic Beverage Regulation and Local Governments
This presentation will outline the current state of the interplay between the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law (and its implementing regulations) and the role of local governments in addressing the concerns of their own communities.
Speaker: Paul Karamanol, Esq., New York State Liquor Authority
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SEQRA and Land Use Case Law
This presentation will address the most recent developments in case law governing land use and environmental review statewide.
Speaker: Charles W. Malcomb, Esq., Hodgson Russ LLP

Day 2 – Saturday, October 26

Update on Governmental Regulation of Religious Education
In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the constitutional status of state aid to religious schools as well as regulation of such schools. This presentation will provide an update on the current state of case law in this evolving area.
Speaker: Andrea Fastenberg, Esq., Office of the NYC Corp. Counsel

Public Sector Labor and Employment Law 2019 Update
This presentation will review recent PERB and court decisions, as well as other legislative and administrative developments, in the practice of law concerning public sector collective bargaining and labor relations
Speakers: James D. Bilik, Esq., Arbitrator and Mediator; Chris Trapp, Esq., Greco Trapp, PLLC

Ethics for Land Use Practitioners
This session will review recent case law from New York as well as interesting cases from across the country that raise issues related to conflicts of interest, bias and other litigated areas where the conduct of board members, lawyers and other players in the land use game has been called into question. Questions of disclosure and recusal will also be discussed.
Speakers: Patricia E. Salkin Esq., Provost, Graduate and Professional Divisions, Touro College; Aisha Scholes, Touro Law Center Class of 2020

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