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By Brendan Kennedy

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Christopher Riano, President of the Center for Civic Education and author of the new book ‘Marriage Equality: From Outlaws to In-laws,’ joins Sarah and Michael to talk about his path to the law and the history of the fight for marriage equality.

Riano, who previously worked as assistant counsel to Governor Andrew Cuomo, traces his career from being an electrical engineering major at Carnegie Mellon to becoming a high fashion model in New York and ultimately finding his way to Washington and Lee University Law School.

He also discusses the part he played in writing an Amicus Brief on behalf of NYSBA in support of ‘Fulton vs. City of Philadelphia’ case and how the process reinforced his belief in mentoring young lawyers.

Finally, he reads an excerpt from the his book that juxtaposes Ruth Bader Ginsbrug’s background to that of social activist Anna Pauli Murray.

You can purchase Marriage Equality: From Outlaws to In-Laws here.

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