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Communication with Represented Public Officials:The “No Contact Rule” as Applied to the Government Client(PDF File)
The Story of Dharma: The Three-Legged Ethics Dog(PDF File)
Review of Annual Disclosure Reports(PDF File)
The Case for Renaming the Professional Ethics Committee(PDF File)
Conflicts of Interest Laws Governing Public Servants(PDF File)
The Legislative History of New York State’s Conflicts of Interest Law for Municipal Offices(PDF File)
The New York City Council’s Approach to Ensure Compliance with Conflicts of Interest Laws in the Discretionary Funding Process(PDF File)
Needed: A New Statewide Ethics Code for Municipalities(PDF File)
The Obligations of Government Lawyers Under New York’s New Rules of Professional Conduct(PDF File)
Use of Municipal Resources for Personal Purposes(PDF File)
New Code of Ethics for Wind Energy Companies Doing Business in New York: A Back-Door Approach to Regulating Municipal Ethics(PDF File)
Running a Local Municipal Ethics Board: Glossary of Municipal Ethics Terms(PDF File)
Running a Local Municipal Ethics Board: Ten Steps to a Better Board(PDF File)
Local Ethics Laws: Model Administrative Provisions(PDF File)
Boards of Ethics: Public Disclosure(PDF File)
Enacting a Local Ethics Law-Part III: Administration(PDF File)
Enacting a Local Ethics Law-Part II: Disclosure(PDF File)
Enacting a Local Ethics Law-Part I: Code of Ethics(PDF File)
Adopting a Code of Ethics for Administrative Law Judges(PDF File)
Ethics and the Municipal Legislator(PDF File)
Applicability of the Hatch Act to Municipal Officers and Employees(PDF File)
Non-Article 18 Conflicts of Interest Restrictions Governing Counties, Cities, Towns, and Villages Under New York State Law(PDF File)
Nepotism(PDF File)
Article 18: A Conflicts of Interest Checklist for Municipal Officers and Employees(PDF File)
Ethical Considerations for Town Attorneys: Avoiding Conflicts of Interest and Other Potential(PDF File)
Communicating Ethics to Municipal Employees(PDF File)
Inspectors General in Mid-Sized Cities-The Yonkers, New York, Experience(PDF File)
Compatibility of Office(PDF File)
Running a Local Municipal Ethics Board: Is Ethics Advice Confidential?(PDF File)
Enforcement: An Indispensable Component in the Success of Municipal Ethics Boards(PDF File)
A Brief Overview of New York Citys Conflicts of Interest Board: A Model Government Ethics Law(PDF File)
How to Analyze an Ethics Problem: Recognizing Common Law Conflicts of Interest(PDF File)
Recusal and Abstention from Voting: Guiding Principles(PDF File)


How Not to Draft an Ethics Law
Public Integrity Criminal Law for the Municipal Attorney
SCOTUS Delivers Victory for Municipal Ethics