New York State Bar Association 2024 Legislative Priorities

By Hilary Jochmans, Lena Faustel, Moe Whitcomb and David P. Miranda

February 12, 2024

New York State Bar Association 2024 Legislative Priorities


By Hilary Jochmans, Lena Faustel, Moe Whitcomb and David P. Miranda

Building on the momentum of the New York State Bar Association’s Government Relations Department successes in 2023, the Association will begin this month advocating for key legislative initiatives in both the state and national capitals for 2024.

After consultation with the sections, committees and task forces, NYSBA’s legislative policy committee works with the government relations department to craft its priorities, which are then approved by the executive committee. The Association advocates for provisions that will ensure access to justice, the integrity of our justice system and equal access to justice.

NYSBA supports and defends the settled principle that the courts are a co-equal branch of our government. An independent, well-functioning judicial system, accessible to all, is a bedrock principle of our democracy. In that regard, the Association works to protect the independence of the judiciary, enhance access to the courts, and promote affirmative legislative proposals that benefit the legal profession. Additionally, the Association will continue to work to ensure that attorneys are able to protect their clients’ interests and effectively engage in the practice of law.

In Albany, the Association will lobby for legal representation issues, including increasing the rate of compensation for attorneys who provide mandated representation; establishing a right to counsel for immigrants facing deportation; and providing a right to counsel in housing proceedings.  Additionally, the Association will focus on measures to repeal overburdensome notary requirements such as record keeping and retention requirements for non-electronic notarizations and the requirement that a licensed electronic notary select a credential service provider who meets certain technical requirements.

A full list of the 2024 State Legislative Priorities can be found here.

In Washington, NYSBA will continue to fight for access to justice, equality and safety.  These include measures to fund the Legal Services Corporation (LSC); address the crisis in immigration representation; sealing of certain criminal convictions;  sexual orientation and gender identity protection; women’s rights and a federal right to abortion and common sense gun reform.  And to help ensure the next generation can pursue a legal career and provide critical legal services, the Association will advocate for student loan relief. 

During this election year, the fundamental right to vote must be protected and preserved. The Association supports measures that increase voter participation and inclusion of all communities; prevent discriminatory voting practices anywhere in the United States; and protect access to the ballot and the sanctity of the vote.

A full list of the 2024 Federal Legislative Priorities can be found here.

We live in a fast-changing world with the State Legislature and Congress having to act quickly to respond to health, safety and political events. The priorities document is intended to serve as a blueprint for NYSBA action for 2024, but the Association will need to be responsive to events and adjust priorities as necessary throughout the year. Flexibility may be critical. However the year develops, the Association will continue to be a staunch advocate for policies that promote our core values and mission to promote equal access to justice for all.

Along with the Association’s Legislative Priorities, the Government Relations team will continue to keep our committees and sections apprised of policies they may be interested in, and work on advocating for the various interests our members have. Please visit our Government Relations page to find out more about how you can be involved in our advocacy efforts.

Hilary Jochmans | Policy Consultant | [email protected] | (202) 669-3585

Lena Faustel | Policy Manager | [email protected]  | (518) 487-5675

Maureen (Moe) Whitcomb | Assistant to the Executive Offices | [email protected] | (518) 487-5652

David P. Miranda, Esq. | General Counsel | [email protected] | (518) 487-5524




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