New York State Bar Association Examines Legality of Federal Law Enforcement Policing American Cities

By Christian Nolan

Lawyers Are the Guardians of Justice

New York State Bar Association President Scott M. Karson has asked the Committee on Civil Rights to examine whether the Trump administration has the legal authority to send in armed federal law enforcement agents to put down violence occurring in communities across the U.S. – including New York City.

“The deployment of federal law enforcement into cities around the country, and the threat to use such force in New York City appears to undermine and run counter to the long-standing practice that states have the authority to handle local policing and crime prevention,” said Karson.

Karson has asked the Committee on Civil Rights to act expeditiously in drafting a legal opinion that will examine these and other constitutional issues. Matters for consideration include, but will not be limited to: warrantless seizures of protesters by unmarked and unidentified federal law enforcement personnel and the federal government’s targeting of Black Lives Matter and other protesters in view of the U.S. Constitution’s protection of people’s right to assemble, speak, and peacefully protest.

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