NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith Doesn’t Stick to Sports | Miranda Warnings

By Brendan Kennedy

David Miranda

DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Players Association joins David for a wide-ranging conversation about the NFL’s response to COVID-19, how he encourages players to get involved in the political process and much more.

Smith discusses the role NFL players can take within their communities by getting involved in the political process as well as some of the tangible things players have negotiated with NFL owners including using several NFL stadiums as polling sites, giving the players off on Election Day and how proud he is of players continuing to find ways to protest.

They also discuss how the NFL put together an actionable mass testing and contact tracing program and juxtaposes his response to the pandemic to that of President Trump.

Smith, who prior to his role at the NFLPA, was a federal prosecutor and former counsel to then-Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, also discusses how in his view, Attorney General Bill Barr has run the department into the ground and has continued to assault the rule of law.

Miranda Warmings is hosted by NYSBA’s 118th President David Miranda.

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