November 17, 2015: New York State Bar Association Extends Sympathy and Support to French People After Terrorism Attacks

By Communications Department

New York State Bar Association President David P. Miranda today reached out to the Paris legal community following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

In a letter to leaders of the Paris Bar (Barreau de Paris), he wrote:

“It is with deep sadness and solid resolve that I write to express the New York State Bar Association’s support to your bar association and our fellow citizens of the world who have been injured or killed in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

“As attorneys we offer our aid and expertise, as New Yorkers we offer our sympathy, understanding, and special appreciation for the suffering of you and your countrymen and women. Past acts of terrorism in New York City remain a painful memory for which we found solace in the outpouring of support and solidarity of our friends from France and around the world.

“New York and France share a common history of standing together against terrorism, and in support of democracy and the rule of law in our countries and throughout the world. The New York State Bar Association and its members, in France, New York and throughout the world stand ready to assist your bar association in any relief efforts where our assistance will help.

“You, the innocent victims, and their families remain in our thoughts and prayers.”

The November 16 letter was sent to the officers of the Paris Bar: Pierre-Olivier Sur, bâtonnier, Barreau de Paris; Laurent Martinet, vice-bâtonnier;  Frédéric Sicard, bâtonnier elu; and Dominique Attias, vice-bâtonnière elue.

The 74,000-member New York State Bar Association is the largest voluntary state bar association in the United States. Founded in 1876, it has members in 120 countries, including France.

“The members of the International Section of the New York State Bar Association are saddened and angered by the horrific attacks,” said Section Chair-elect Neil Quartaro.

“We feel especially close to our colleagues in Paris, not only by virtue of our common commitment to liberty and the rule of law, but as a result of our regional meeting in Paris last year and the planning for our seasonal meeting there in 2016, both hosted by the Barreau de Paris. We will work together with our French colleagues to defend democracy and liberty and to assist the victims of this attack on both.”

The International Section will hold its 2016 seasonal meeting in Paris on Oct. 19–21, 2016 at the Maison du Barreau, home of the Paris Bar.

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