NYS Bar Association to Examine State of Rural Law Practice

By The Spectator

The Spectator quoted President Greenberg on the Task Force on Rural Justice.

New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) President Henry M. Greenberg recently announced the creation of the Task Force on Rural Justice to examine the state of rural law practice in New York State. Ninety-seven percent of all New York lawyers work and live in urban and suburban areas, causing a dearth of legal services in rural areas.

“Research confirms what many attorneys in upstate New York already know — that there is an access to justice crisis in rural areas throughout New York and across the country,” said Greenberg. “NYSBA remains committed to ensuring access to justice for all New Yorkers, regardless of where they live, and the important work of this task force will go a long way toward enacting the necessary reforms to achieve that goal.”

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