NYSBA Condemns Violence Following Tragic Rochester Mass Shooting

By Liz Benjamin

September 19, 2020

NYSBA Condemns Violence Following Tragic Rochester Mass Shooting


By Liz Benjamin

New York State Bar Association President Scott M. Karson and President-Elect T. Andrew Brown issued the following statements on the mass shooting that occurred early this morning in the City of Rochester – another blow to the community that is still reeling from revelations regarding the police-related death of Daniel Prude.

President Scott M. Karson:

“Our first priority is to comfort and grieve with the victims and their families. And while we await the facts from this despicable act of violence, we must redouble our efforts to reverse the course of gun violence and racial injustice that have too long plagued our society. A key focus of my year-long presidency is seeking solutions to these intractable problems and allowing the rule of law to prevail.

“I recently convened a Task Force on Racial Injustice and Police Reform, which will focus on issues contributing to police misconduct and provide recommendations to policymakers, elected officials, law enforcement and the judiciary on how to address policing practices that disproportionately impact and target persons of color.

“The Task Force will hold the first of three public forums at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 22. Its focus will be on Rochester and the death of Daniel Prude.”

President-Elect T. Andrew Brown:

“I am deeply saddened by this senseless mass shooting in the city I call home and offer my sincerest condolences to the victims and their families. I have worked and lived in this community for decades, and I was aghast to learn of the shooting, as I was the events surrounding Daniel Prude’s death at the hands of Rochester Police officers.

“Following Mr. Prude’s death, I have joined protestors in the streets and share their outrage. We must confront racism and injustice head on and not shirk from uncomfortable debate, but it is critical that we remember that violence is not the answer to these long-standing issues. As co-chair of the Task Force on Racial Injustice and Police Reform, I look forward to continuing the dialogue at Tuesday’s public forum and to playing a key role in facilitating necessary and important change – not only here in my city, but across New York and our nation.”

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