NYSBA Meets With Parole Reform Advocates

By Adriel Colon-Casiano


The first week in May marks a flurry of activity as the Legislature reviews bills and looks to fine tune the language of a proposal before final versions are advanced.  The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) has been hard at work advocating in support of its legislative priorities and sections and committees.

One development we would like to highlight happened earlier this week. NYSBA  met with advocates for passage of S1144 (Benjamin)/A5576 (Forrest), known as “Less is More.” This bill would make critically needed changes to the parole system including instituting good time credits and eliminating technical parole violations.

The legislation is projected to save millions of dollars for the state and alleviate the uncountable human cost of the  parole system. The association has been eager to see this legislation passed since the report of the Task Force on the Parole System was adopted by the House of Delegates in 2019. Special thanks should go to the co-chairs of the task force, past NYSBA President Seymour James and William T. Russell Jr.

The Government Relations Department would also like to highlight an event for section leaders and committee chairs. On May 20, the department will explain the process for a section or committees to comment on legislation or make a legislative proposal. It will be made available on the Department of Governmental Relations website following the presentation.

The Government Relations staff is always available for questions about advocacy. Members should feel free to reach out to Adriel Colon-Casiano, assistant director of Governmental Relations, or Cheyenne Burke, governmental relations associate.

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